"Dutch straightforward approach, with Turkish touch to have the best commitment and high levels of quality and service."
Welcome to the world of legal expertise with Cemre Yilmaz Akyay, who has a passion for navigating the intricate landscape of international law. Her academic journey led her to explore the nuances of both Dutch and Turkish Law, earning degrees from prestigious institutions in Leiden, Istanbul, and Samsun. Her insatiable curiosity and commitment to excellence culminated in a Master's degree in International Law from the vibrant city of London.
With a robust foundation and a wealth of experience, Cemre embarked on a dynamic career that showcased her prowess in the legal arena. She honed her skills at the Court of Rotterdam District, Flyct Letselschade, and various esteemed law firms in both the United Kingdom and Turkey. These experiences not only enriched her understanding of diverse legal systems but also equipped her with the versatility needed to tackle complex international legal matters.
She is a powerful go-getter known for her ability to guide clients through the labyrinth of international laws. Her approach is strategic and pragmatic, always with the goal of achieving the best outcomes for her clients. Whether dealing with intricate negotiations or offering crystal-clear advice, her dedication shines through. Her preferred starting point is negotiation, aiming to secure settlements out of court. However, if the situation demands it, she is more than prepared to litigate, appearing in court to tirelessly advocate for her clients and secure favorable results.


Istanbul University, Law School; LL.B. Istanbul – Turkey
2018 – 2019

Ondokuz Mayıs University,  Law School; LL.B. Samsun – Turkey 2019 – 2020

University of Westminster, Law School, LL.M. in International Law London – United Kingdom
2016 – 2017

University of Applied Science Leiden, LL.B. Leiden – the Netherlands 2011 – 2015


Arbitration Attorney,
ISTAC- Dec ’21

Administrative Cases and Proceedings, TÜRAVAK – May ’21

Health Law
TÜRAVAK – May ’21

ECHR: Right to liberty and security, Council of Europe –
Apr ’21

ECHR: Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment,
Council of Europe, Mar ’21

ECHR: Right to a fair trial,
Council of Europe – Mar ’21

Environmental Lawyers of the future, Union of Turkish Bar Associations – Feb ’21


Samsun Bar Association

Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers